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What documents do I require to sell my property?

To sell your property you will require a title deed on the property obtained through registration at the Dubai Land Department.  You will also need an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the developer to confirm that the property is free from any liabilities such as outstanding mortgages or unpaid installments or service fees. Your original passport would be required and any other documents and receipts pertaining to the original sale and current state of the property. If your property is an off plan property then you will need an Oqood title in replacement of the title deed.

Where does the sale transaction / transfer of ownership take place?

There are multiple Dubai Land Department sponsored transfer offices around Dubai, and all parties pertaining to the transaction must be present. This can include a POA delegated by the seller or the buyer. When handling a transfer through 4 DIRECTION REAL ESTATE BROKER we will advise you as your broker what documents and payments are required on the day of transfer, also see âproperty sales related feesâ for a full list of fees related details.

Do I need to involve a lawyer when selling my property?

The services of a lawyer are more usually engaged in other parts of the world when selling a property, however this is not necessarily the case in Dubai. Contracts of Sale (or Memorandum of Understanding) are prepared by the agency handling your transaction and should be in line with the Dubai Government guidelines. Our agents are also well informed on the whole process and will therefore guide you through the sales process from beginning to end.

Am I restricted on when I can sell my property?

As a seller you are authorized to sell your completed property on the resale market at any time.  If your property is not yet completed and final payment has not been made then the developer will need to be consulted on transferring the payment plan to the new owner and to confirm that your payment installments are up to date in line with your original Contract of Sale.  For off plan property sales the developers may set a MSP (minimum selling price) so to not undercut their available primary sales, You must also have an Oqood title in place in order to go ahead with a sale, for the Oqood title the Dubai Land Department will charge you 4% of the property purchase price for this document.

Is there a deadline to register my property to receive my title deed?

There is no deadline to register your property, but without doing so you will not be able to sell or rent out your property, therefore we highly recommend that you register you at the soonest possible opportunity.

Do I need to turn up in person for the title deed registration process?

Yes, or else you can authorize someone to come to register your property with a notarized Power Of Attorney. The general POA specifies the purpose, it can be accepted or else you need a specified power of attorney where it mentions that it is for the purpose of registering the property at the Land Department. It has been known for developers to also undertake this process on an ownerâs behalf if requested and required.

My property is mortgaged and I donât have the title deed, can I still sell my property?

Your lending bank can provide you with a certified copy of your title deed, which will be sufficient proof of ownership to initialize the sale process. It is also normal practice for the buyer to clear your mortgage in order for the lending bank to release the property to enable the sale to go to the next level. This whole process can be explained to you by your representing Broker.

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